The best feeling for me is to see a student develop their own passion for music. Therefore, I do not believe in forcing a student to progress at a certain pace. I believe that a student should learn a concept as deeply as they would like to before advancing to the next concept, therefore instilling a strong grasp on the music that they know. Above all else, I believe the student’s goals and interests are really what guides the lessons. I may explain and design a path for the student, but it all comes back to the destination that they desire to reach.

Is there a specific age group that you work with?

I take students of all ages.

What instruments can you teach?

As a student in college, my teachers encouraged me to study a wide variety of instruments and styles. Because of this, I feel confident teaching snare drum, drum set, mallet instruments, orchestral percussion, timpani, steel drum, congas, bongos, and other auxiliary percussion.

How long and how frequent are lessons?

Generally I recommend younger students try 30 or 45 minute lessons, and teenagers/adults try hour long lessons. Lessons can either be taken every week or every other week. Advanced students may consider taking lessons on an as needed basis.

How much do lessons cost?

Lesson pricing is as follows:
30 minutes – $30
45 minutes – $40
0 minutes – $50

Are there any incentives for referrals?

If a student refers another student to take lessons with McAfee Percussion, the original student receives a $50 credit to their account after the new student completes their first lesson.